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Parking Lot Striping

If the pavement markings or striping in your commercial parking looks a little worse for wear, we can help!
Parking Space Lines  +  Traffic Lanes   + Handicap Spaces  +  Loading Zones  +  Crosswalks  +  No Parking Zones  +  And More!  
DM Pressure Washing & Striping 
Making your parking lot look its best!

Over time, parking lot striping can fade due to wear and tear, weather, and exposure to sunlight. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the markings visible and effective. Clean pavement markings improve the curb appeal of your business and can also help refresh your commercial property. DM Pressure Washing can make your parking spaces crisp and clear. 

One issue with old paint is the safety of your customers. When clear lines do not exist in your parking lot or when they have faded, there is no guidance for your customers to know where to park.

DM Pressure Washing has the equipment and experience to stripe or re-mark lots of any size -  new or old. Our crew will quickly and accurately apply fresh high-traffic paint, making your commercial parking lot look new again. We work hard to apply clean crisp lines and clear handicapped spaces according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

It's important to get a professional team to help with your pavement marking because they need to comply with local regulations and codes, which can vary from one jurisdiction to another. These regulations dictate the minimum number of parking spaces required, the dimensions of spaces, the placement of handicapped spaces, and other details related to parking lot design.

Proper parking lot striping is important to ensure the safety and efficiency of your parking facilities, as well as your compliance with legal requirements in your community. Properly marked parking lots help drivers, pedestrians, and property owners by providing clear guidance and organization within the parking area.

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